BLUNDER! See Top Female Politician Sends Naked Photo To WhatsApp Group & Her Photo Goes Viral *See More Photos*


Female political office holder has mistakenly sent a half-nude photo of herself to her party’s WhatsApp group.

The top political office holder, a newly elected Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Mayor for Mufulira, Beatrice Bwalya Kapansa mistakenly sent the raunchy picture to SONTA Epowabomba, a WhatsApp group created for the PF party.

According to, the picture of the district chair lady who is in her 50s surfaced on the group chat on Sunday, October 9, 2016.

The picture has however led to he calls for resignation by female members of the group who described the photo as rude and offensive.

A female member of the group told news source, “We are so shocked and disappointed that our deputy Mayor, who is also PF district chairlady, can be taking that kind of photographs for herself; and worse still, sending her half naked picture to a group forum.”

She continued: “This is an obscene photo and that is why it has caused a lot of tension in the PF camp. So as women, we are planning to stage a demonstration demanding to have this immoral councillor resign on moral grounds.”

The group members kicking for her resignation further explained that the chair lady gave an unsatisfactory explanation for her conduct on the group page.

“When the posting was seen in the group, obviously people were shocked. It was clear that she intended to send the photo to someone else. But when she was asked about it, she blamed it on her grandchild. She defended herself by saying it was a grandchild who was playing with her phone and got the picture.

“People asked her if it was also the grandchild who even wrote the message the picture was carrying, but at that stage she left the group without any word.”

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