25 DEADLIEST DICTATORS In History: Yakubu Gowon Makes 14th Position On The List!, Buhari, Ojukwu Positions Will Shock You *See Full List*


We recently came across a post by List25.com. This particular list details the names of 25 of the world’s deadliest dictators. On this list, we found great names like Robert Mugabe (he held the 25th position), Vlad III, Kim Jong-II, Idi Amin, Ho Chi Minh and Saddam Hussein.

Before listing the names of these dictators, List 25 observes that “these cold-blooded dictators do not care for the value of life as much as they do achieving their selfish motives of domination, power, and immortality.”

Hm. Quite a provocative thing to say. Imagine our surprise when we scoured the list and found General Yakubu Gowon’s name ensconced snugly among the greats. And at number fourteen, even.

Here’s what List 25 has to say about him: “Yakubu Gowon was the leader of Nigeria at the time when oil was found in the Niger delta, which was also pursued by Ojukwu of eastern Nigeria. Although both sides signed the “Aburi Accord”, it didn’t really do much in the way of creating peace. Gowon ‘s ruthless military tactics in the ensuing war led to the deaths of over 1 million civilians.”

Here’s a link to the complete list for your reading pleasure

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